Little Busters! cast comments

Comments from the Little Busters! cast after the last episode. Their thoughts on the anime and feelings as they head into Refrain!
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—Tell us your thoughts now that the final episode has aired.
Horie Yui (Naoe Riki): First of all, I’m relieved that we made it to the last episode! I haven’t had much experience playing male characters, so I was really nervous!

Tamiyasu Tomoe (Natsume Rin): This was my first regular main role in an anime, so I gave it my all every episode. Those 26 episodes went by in a flash. I’m eagerly waiting for it to start again.
I was able to work with all these talented voice actors, so every time we went to record, I saw admirable performances and ones that made me go “ah!” And I received much support during this anime adaptation – not just from the fans, but plenty of other places as well. I really treasure it.

Midorikawa Hikaru (Natsume Kyousuke): I once again confirmed that friendship is a great thing. Now then, the real story starts from here! (laugh)

Canna Nobutoshi (Inohara Masato): It was very fun, and I’m feeling sad now that it’s over.

Oda Yuusei (Miyazawa Kengo): Ahh, it’s over. It was a work filled with laughs, tears, love, and friendship. But still, just when Kengo awakened… I’ll fix this incomplete combustion in Little Busters! ~Refrain~!
Kengo’s gonna be even more of an idiot, in a different way from Masato, from now on!!

Yanase Natsumi (Kamikita Komari): I want to see everyone again soon. The game and the anime, friends and individuals, the things made clear and the mysteries – I exhausted my thought processes as they shifted gears, but I was touched.
I’m glad to have worked on a show with so many elements.

Suzuki Keiko (Saigusa Haruka, Futaki Kanata): I’m relieved that we made it to the end. Half a year goes by so fast, doesn’t it?
I’m grateful to everyone in front of the TV who watched this to the end, everyone in the studio who supported a clumsy TV anime beginner like me, everyone in the staff who forgave me for commuting to work from Kansai, my family, and all my friends who let me stay over when I couldn’t book a hotel!

Wakabayashi Naomi (Noumi Kudryavka): I am so… so sad right now… I can’t believe I’m not going to see everyone in the studio and everyone watching the broadcasts every week anymore. But this isn’t the end, so we’ll meet again! I want to look forward to that ♪

Tanaka Ryouko (Kurugaya Yuiko): The baseball match after Kengo joined the team was wonderful! All the members of the Little Busters are finally here ♪ I got all pumped up when the music started playing during the match!
But… this isn’t the last episode? Right?

Tatsumi Yuiko (Nishizono Mio): It feels like the first episode was just yesterday. I’m very thankful for being able to voice Mio for these two cour!

Tokui Sora (Sasasegawa Sasami): Since Tamiyasu-san voiced Sasami in the game, I was really nervous and anxious at first.
But everyone in the recording studio was so friendly and nice even though I was new to the cast… I’m really glad that I was able to voice Sasami. After realizing I’ve joined the Little Busters along with the staff, I was really happy.

—What scene(s) did you like from the show?
Horie: The scene where Riki and Komari were looking at the stars from the roof was very pretty, I loved it ♪ I also liked the beach during Mio’s arc ♪

Tamiyasu: I feel guilty for choosing my own character, but I loved every scene where Rin worked hard to move forward. Worrying about how she should reply, being shy about talking to someone, running to help someone, pushing herself to talk in front of people, and crying for her friends. I’m glad that I got to voice a Rin who did those things.
Also, the beauty of the scenes where Riki conveys his message to the heroines in earnest, coupled with Horie-san’s voice acting – I loved all of those as well.

Midorikawa: The scenes where Riki and Kyousuke were yelling things while running down the hall, or going “the Little Busters are the best!” (laugh)

Canna: The scene where Haruka and Kanata reconcile. And where everyone helps Kud with studying.

Oda: Episode 15, where the guys want to save their beloved Riki from the evil girls, and they end up deciding who goes to save him through games. Man, they even had a match with Twister. It had crossdressing Riki too, so it was an episode I especially liked. (laugh)

Yanase: When Komari talked about her wishing stars.

Suzuki: I loved everything. I was already happy just being able to see everyone move. Anego’s fight scene was so cool~
After listening to Sasami and her gang’s “Viva! Croquette soba!” recording, I actually went and ate it. And I ate it again after the episode aired on TV.
And I can’t forget to mention the ending of Haruka’s route! I really liked the scene where dandelion seeds floated through the air, as if they’re spreading Haruka’s feelings that “no one is evil” throughout the world, and after that when she and her mother hug each other.

Wakabayashi: The baseball scene in episode 26!!!! I got all fired up from that! It was like, uwoooh, this is youth! ☆ Rita-san’s singing paired with what was on screen… ahh ToT
Also episode 23, where everyone was all “Kud, come back! Do your best!” When I voiced it during the test recording, I was actually crying. I really love every scene where everyone is doing stuff together ☆

Tanaka: I enjoyed the sleepover episode the most. Kurugaya always seemed to be watching everyone else from behind, so it was fun seeing her hanging out with the group. I especially liked the part where only Kurugaya had woken up and saw Riki off.

Tatsumi: Definitely Mio’s route, I’d say! (laugh) Her rare smiles are really adorable. Also, I found the scenes where everyone was smiling or goofing around together very heartwarming.

Tokui: The scene where Rin called Komari’s name for the first time. I really sympathized with her, since I’m also shy. It’s like, I can’t muster the courage, and it also frustrates me… but I still can’t do it. Seeing Rin getting along with the other girls made me happy, but also jealous.

—Did you have any changes in impression of the character you played as the story progressed?
Horie: Rather than a change in impression, I’d say that I’ve really gotten to know Riki throughout the series!

Tamiyasu: Rin’s more of an onii-chan girl than I thought! The way she hides behind Kyousuke’s back, gets embarrassed when she’s praised, and gets angry when she’s teased. It’s so cute how the Natsume siblings get along.

Midorikawa: I’ve played Kyousuke for a long time now, so I didn’t have much of a change in impression. Really, I want a brother like this ♪

Canna: Masato is a loveable idiot.

Oda: Kengo didn’t have much screentime, so my impressions didn’t change much… (laugh) He’ll work harder in Little Busters! ~Refrain~! They won’t call me Salary Thief Oda next time!!

Yanase: After Komari overcame her grief, I felt that her Happiness Spiral~♪ theory became more powerful.

Suzuki: I could feel Haruka’s cheer all the more after seeing her move. That and her hair moved around all prettily as well… that must have taken a lot of effort! Thank you very much (tears)!
I thought the super emotional lines were more mild compared to the game. Probably because Haruka wasn’t interacting with just Riki, but with the rest of the Little Busters.
Almost every time we were recording Kanata, I was told “You’re sounding too nice, make her more scary,” and in the end my voice became so deep it sounded rough.
She’s definitely a scarier big sis compared to the game. Her nice side is seldom seen. But that makes her rare moments of kindness all the more precious.

Wakabayashi: She’s just as I imagined! Wafuu~
She’s cute and cheerful, moves around a lot, and even though she has weak points like getting lonely easily, she tries hard. I also tried really hard to portray Kudryavka like that!

Tanaka: Kurugaya looks cool, but has a bit of a weird side. She didn’t show that much emotion in the beginning. I liked how after getting involved with the Little Busters, she started showing more and more expressions. But she’s still weird. (laugh)

Tatsumi: On the surface she’s an emotionless cool girl, but she has some interesting gaps and hobbies, as well as a deeper kindness and strength. I grew to love her more every episode. Seeing Mio becoming friends with the Little Busters made me feel happy as well!

Tokui: I was grinning all during episode 20! (laugh) I felt like I saw an unexpected side of Sasami as she argued with Rin while defending her love of croquette soba. And I saw the Sasami in love mature a bit. She’s kind of similar to Rin in how she can’t say what’s on her mind. I clutched my chest during the scene where they talked in the evening (laugh).

—Tell us what you’re excited about for Little Busters! ~Refrain~.
Horie: There are still plenty of mysteries remaining, so I’m looking forward to seeing them revealed ♪

Tamiyasu: Refrain is going to get into the heart of the story. I’m looking forward to how the anime will portray it, but I feel my own responsibilities as well. I’ll use all I’ve got to make it an ending where you’ll want to rewatch it from episode 1 once it’s over!! Everyone working on this loves Little Busters, so please look forward to it!

Midorikawa: All we have left to do is to work hard! Please look forward to it (^_^)

Canna: We’re gonna kinniku yay yay in Little Busters! ~Refrain~ too!!

Oda: I’ll be able to perform like a big idiot with Masato all I want. I want to freeze everyone in the studio and in front of the TV with the cooooldest gags(?) I can! [note: bad jokes in Japan are described as “cold”]

Yanase: Get a couple extra boxes of tissues ready!!

Suzuki: Both Haruka and Kanata have repaired their relationship and had a change of heart. It was a theme, or a challenge of mine, to figure out how to voice the two after that.
And now we’ll enter Refrain with their antagonism reconciled. However, all the problems concerning their family have yet to be resolved. The next season should also touch more on the secret of the world.
There are still a few girls who haven’t had their stories told yet. I don’t know how Haruchin and Kanata will be involved yet, but… it’d be nice if they could sprint through this world with all their might.

Wakabayashi: We’re going to get into the heart of the story now! I’m looking very forward to seeing how the anime will handle things.
I think I’ll be able to take pride in voicing Kud, and what sort of gear she’ll be in the story from now on! I’ll work hard and leave no regrets!

Tanaka: The secret of the world is… finally going to reveal itself? Let’s do this!

Tatsumi: I’ve only been participating since the anime, so I’m very curious about the sequel! I’m looking forward to seeing all the characters move around again.

Tokui: Refrain… I’m looking forward to seeing how the anime will adapt things! I’m sure everyone will be able to connect with the Little Busters even more. It’d be nice if they could animate that story with Sasami as well.

—Lastly, a message to the fans.
Horie: This is a really, really wonderful work! I feel happy no matter how many times I watch it! And I definitely want to see more of it! Mission start~! (laugh)

Tamiyasu: I am Natsume Rin’s Tamiyasu Tomoe. I’m very very happy that I’m able to say this right now.
Everyone who’s followed Little Busters since the game, everyone who got into it from the anime, everyone in the company, everyone I got to know during work, and everyone in the staff have given me words of encouragement during these 26 episodes.
I was able to stand on center stage for the first time like this thanks to you all.
I’m not the type of person who can touch or deeply move others, but I’ll definitely give it my all in Refrain. I promise.
I’m hoping that I can deliver a performance befitting of Rin like that.
Please wait just a bit longer until we can meet again!!

Midorikawa: Let me know what you think, whatever it is (^-^)/

Canna: I’m grateful for everyone’s support since the game.
I feel like I love Little Busters even more now that the anime has aired.
There are still plenty of episodes remaining, so we’re eagerly waiting for that as well. I want to create a Muscles Sensation next season too, so I’m training every day in preparation! Look forward to it!!

Oda: Kengo awakened and fooled around in episode 26. And that was the end… or so I thought, but thanks to everyone’s support, we’ve confirmed the sequel Refrain! Like Little Busters!, Refrain will be filled with laughs, tears, love, friendship, and will be sure to meet everyone’s expectations. So wait just a bit longer! Let’s meet again with a smile!!

Yanase: Happinness Spiral~♪ There’s going to be more and more happy people who have watched Little Busters! now ♪
I’m very happy about that. Thank you very much for supporting me all this time ♪

Suzuki: Just as everyone waited in front of the TV, I waited for the script every week anticipating what the next episode would be like.
I’m sure we’ll all be excited every week for Refrain as well, so please keep cheering us on!

Wakabayashi: How did you like the TV anime Little Busters?
We have yet to reveal the secret of the world, but we’re taking a break here. The next time we meet, I want to put even more spirit into it! Please keep cheering us on!

Tanaka: Thank you for supporting Little Busters for this half year. Please look forward to Refrain as well!

Tatsumi: Thank you for always supporting Little Busters. I’d be happy if you walked away with anything gained from this. Let’s get ready for Refrain by rewatching this until it airs. (laugh) Please keep cheering Little Busters! on in the future.

Tokui: Thank you for supporting the Little Busters anime. I’m very glad to have participated in such a major work. And I’m so excited to be able to voice Sasami again. Please try and rewatch the first season as we head into Refrain! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again! Thank you very much.

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  1. litbus-saikou

     /  December 30, 2013

    Wow, it’s a great read! Thanks for translating this!
    I also want to read more cast comments especially LitBus Refrain. Midorikawa even wrote a blog about Kyousuke and how he feels about the character in himself.
    I hope you’d be willing to translate it. Please~ >.<


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