Boku no Imouto wa Kanji ga Yomeru

Volume 1

My Little Sister Can Read Kanji
Author: Kajii Takashi (かじいたかし)
Illustrator: Minamura Hallki (皆村春樹)
Publisher: HJ Bunko

“sparkle! sky blue panties”
This is the latest work by Oodaira Gai, the representative of contemporary Japanese literature. Deeply moved by Oodaira’s novels, high schooler Imose Gin, along with his two cute little sisters – the tsundere yet caring Kuroha and the cool and slightly sharp-tongued Miru – goes to visit him. However, Gin and his sisters are suddenly caught up in a mysterious incident…
Color illustrations:

Chapter 1: Sensei’s Literature – Part A / Part B
Chapter 2: The Heisei Exhibit
Chapter 3: Expectations and Reality
Chapter 4: I Want to Have Onii-chan’s Baby
Chapter 5: A Story Surpassing Time

To Readers In The 21st Century
This is a translation of the 23rd century novel “kanjiyomu imouto” by Imose Gin.
In order to make the text easier to read for a 21st century audience, I opted for a liberal translation of the original text rather than a literal one. The most difficult part of this process was using kanji. This story is told from the point of view of a protagonist who cannot read kanji, yet the text itself contains a large amount of them. This is due to my own translation. With some minor exceptions, the original text did not employ any kanji at all.
This book could not have existed without the original author, Imose Gin, and everyone else who helped me in this endeavor. Thank you very much.
–The translator.

{*Note: the above is an actual page in the book, not something I wrote.}

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  1. Mel

     /  December 14, 2016

    Thank you for translating! I had a lot of fun while reading it. :)


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