Little Busters! – “Bokura” no Asa

This is a short story that was originally published in the Little Busters! Perfect Visual Book, then adapted to a drama CD as an extra in the PS Vita port. It’s a sequel short that takes place after the game, so therefore there are spoilers. Please refrain from reading this until after finishing Refrain.

Download the drama CD here.


“Our” Morning
Written by Tonokawa Yuuto

“All of us, once again… let’s go on a field trip.”

Kyousuke’s words.
Those words that came so suddenly, making me so happy I could cry.
Those words that contained such immeasurable strength.
They told me that everything had returned.
That I could always continue to live on among those words.
That is what I believed.

Scene 1

Wind blew into the station wagon from the half-opened window.
The cool autumn breeze felt comfortable on my long-sleeved arms.
“Heeh, heeh…”
“Haah, haah…”
If Masato and Kengo weren’t in the back sweating profusely and gasping for breath, it would surely have been a very refreshing drive. For some reason the two had decided to ride on the roof of the car, and after a bump in the road splendidly shook them off, they ended up chasing after the car as it drove off. Safe driving aside, it was hard to believe that those two had suffered hardly a scratch after falling off at that speed, and then even managed to catch up with the car while running.
…Inside the car to our “field trip.” As Kyousuke suggested, it was a special trip just for our group.
“You two are annoying! It’s all stuffy in here now, idiots!”
Rin showered icy words on the two still gasping for air.
“Ah? Even, if you, say that… What are we, supposed to do, in this cramped car…”
Masato replied between each breath he took.
“First of all, stop breathing.”
“I’ll die!! Muscles need oxygen, you know?!”
“Here, have some cold and sweet afternoon tea~”
Komari-san held a paper cup filled with black tea out to Masato.
“Ooh, thanks.”
“Have some too, Kengo-kun~”
“My sincerest thanks.”
He respectfully accepted it.
“Would you like some too, Kyousuke-san, Riki-kun?”
She asked to Kyousuke in the driver’s seat.
“Sure, just place it over there.”
He answered without looked away from the road.
“Make that two.”
“Okay, got it~”
Of course, since Kyousuke had just gotten his driver’s license, he couldn’t afford to spare us much attention.
…That said, though I don’t have any driving experience, Kyousuke seemed to be managing it safe and sound from what my untrained eyes could tell. As long as he knew how to drive it, I think Kyousuke could handle any vehicle with ease.
“The beach, the beach, the beach beach beeaach!♪”
Haruka began singing while she looked at the map. She sounded more excited every time she sang “beach.”
“You’re making a ruckus.”
Nishizono-san jabbed at her.
“But this is my first time going to the beach!”
“Please don’t get so excited that you jump into the ocean in this weather.”
“We’re gonna check out the horizon of sea and horizon of land with a bam!”
“We’re not going to see the land horizon.”
“Eh?! I even bought a kickboard!!”
“You won’t get my sympathy if you catch a cold… But are you a novice at swimming, Haruka-san…?”
“Gaan?! Y, you can’t swim~?”
“Well, it’s already too cold to anyway…”
“Aww, Japan’s beaches close so early…”
“Let’s go again in the summer, Kuu-chan.”
Komari-san comforted Kud with a “There, there.”

“Alright, we’ve got free time so let’s play something.”
“Then how about ‘Muscles Shiritori’? It’s a game of shiritori, but restricted to the names of muscles.”
“Oh, good suggestion, Miss Kurugaya! We’ll have our match with that.”
“Hahaha, that sounds fun. Let me in too.”
“Okay, it’s a three-way battle.”
“We’ll go clockwise starting with Kengo boy. Begin with ‘shiritori‘.”
“Ri… ri… muscles starting with ‘ri’…”
“Ri, ri…”
“Time’s up.”
“What the hell could I have come up with?!”
“A killer pass from the beginning, what a game…”
“If it were me… heh, there’s no such thing as a killer pass for me. This is my home field… If there were two of me, we could discuss muscles for three days and nights nonstop!”
“That’s creepy!”
Indeed, I don’t even want to imagine two Masatos talking to each other about muscles.
“Now then, my turn!! ‘Rhomboid muscles’ (ryoukeikin)!”
“That ends in ‘n’.”
“Uwooooooh!! Now that I think about it, every muscle ends in ‘kin’!! The thought of listing out all the different names of muscles was so enticing that I didn’t even notice!!”
“You’re all idiots!”
Kurugaya-san won the moment she proposed the match…

(“Then why don’t I just add ‘niku’ after ‘kin’?!”)
(“You’re a genius!”)
I put the clamor behind me and turned to speak with Kyousuke.
“It’s the same as always, huh?”
“Yeah. Nothing’s changed at all.”
Our fun, unchanging everyday life. This field trip is just another part of that.
Yet what are these doubts that I hold?
I looked at Kyousuke’s profile. At his eyes that looked straight forward no matter what.
The car suddenly stopped due to a traffic light. Perhaps because he noticed my gaze, Kyousuke turned to look at me.
And then, he softly laughed. As if he was telling me that there was nothing to worry about.
He turned forward again and accelerated the car.
Kyousuke raised his voice.
“You can see it, guys.”
“Nn? See what?”
“The ocean.”
Kyousuke pointed with his chin.
“Oooh! We’re here!”
Everyone looked out the window together. A clear sky projected onto a deep blue sea. Of course no one was swimming because it was out of season, but some people were walking along the shore, leaving footprints in the sand. The wind blowing in from the window carried a light salty scent.
…While staring at that glistening sea, I did nothing but smile fondly.

Scene 2

The moment we stopped in the parking lot, Kengo and Masato bolted out of the car like bullets.
“Uwoooh! It’s the ocean!! It’s the beach! Everything is calling for me!!”
“Right, Kengo! First we’re gonna dash across the beach at top speed!”
“You got it!!”
“Yahoo! Muscles are dashing across the beach! It’s the Muscle Beach Dasher!!”
“Uwoooh, it’s awesome how you’re making cool names for no good reason!!”
They ran out of sight in the blink of an eye, leaving only that loud exchange behind…
“Let’s go too~”
“Wafuu! Raifu isu ranawei!!”
Komari-san and Kud also headed toward the beach.
…And then they both fell commendably with a swoosh.
“M-my foot got caught in the sand. The darkest place is under the candlestick!!”
“Fuee… I became all sandy…”
“Are you two okay?”
Rin ran to help the two of them. Haruka-san looked on at the scene, folded her arms, and murmured.
“Why do people get the urge to run when they see a beach, I wonder…”
“Umu, they run for the very reason that the beach is there.”
Kurugaya-san answered as her hair fluttered in the sea breeze.
“That, and because it is youth. Riki, we’re gonna run too.”
“Eh? Uwah!”
Kyousuke grabbed my hand and broke into a run.
As my feet caught in the sand, while I was slightly startled.
…Just like that time.

Evening. We were staying at a guesthouse that Kyousuke had reserved. He had gotten us two rooms, one for the men and one of the women. Shortly after parting with the girls in the hallway, we arrived at our room.
“What do you think? It’s a bit small but it’s got a nice atmosphere, right?”
“Yeah, these tatami mats really make it feel like we’re on a field trip.”
I put my luggage aside and walked around in the room.
“Indeed, tatami calms me down.”
Kengo kneeled down and stroked the tatami. Since the flooring in our dorms is carpet, we don’t have many opportunities to come in contact with tatami.
“Phew, my muscles like it too. Tatami and muscles are a good match.”
“(What an original combination.) Yeah, it does give off a nice atmosphere.”
I made a retort in my mind, but didn’t say it out loud.
“You got us a good place. Wasn’t it expensive?”
“No, I stayed here once before during one of my journeys.”
“…Was it another case where someone picked you up off the street after you collapsed?”
“You know me well. By the way, I also helped them fish.”
Does Kyousuke have a network across the whole country…?
“After tonight’s barbeque, we’re heading to this place’s specialty, the hot springs. You can all relax in there.”
“Oh, you mean make my muscles all smooth? So this is actually an exclusive muscle treatment trip?”
“Hm, I think it’s kind of amazing how you can relate everything to muscles and talk positive, Masato…”
“Stop that, you’re gonna make me blush!”
90 percent of that wasn’t praise.
“Eh? What’s wrong, Kengo?”
“I’m envious of Masato.”
“Er, why?”
“I feel like… you don’t retort me as much as you do with Masato…”
“Eh? That’s something to be envious about?”
“I want you to retort me too!”
“No, that’s already something to retort about…”
“What? Really? Yes!!”
“Kengo, you’ve already completely snapped…”
“Right right come on, stop being idiots and unpack your luggage, guys.”
While clapping his hands, Kyousuke gave us an order.
“Eh, wait, am I one of the idiots too?”
“Oi!! You trying to say that we’re the only idiots and you’re not?!”
“No no… but I think both Masato and Kengo are fine idiots.”
“Eh, really? Then that’s fine.”
“Ah, you both agreed…”
I tidied my luggage while continuing to get drawn into stupid conversations.

After dinner, everyone headed for the hot spring. At the head of the group were Rin and Komari-san.
“Howa~ I wonder what the hot spring will be like~”
“Komari-chan, do you like hot springs?”
“Yup~ I like anything related to baths~”
It looks like those two were always together even at the beach. It was pleasing to know they were becoming better friends thanks to this trip.
“By the way, it’s a mixed bath.”
“Eeh?! M-m-m-mixed bath?!”
Komari-san overreacted at Kurugaya’s words.
“M-mixed bath, as in boys and girls and monkeys all get in together?!”
There’s probably no monkeys around here.
“Umu, naked.”
Komari-san’s face turned a bright red. Kurugaya-san stared at her as if she was enjoying it from the bottom of her heart.
“No, the men’s and women’s baths are separate…”
Kyousuke’s saving line.
“O-ooh, I see~ That surprised me~”
“Tch, it would have been fun to tease her a bit longer.”
“Aah, but it’d be fun if we all went together with swimsuits, like a pool. Kud-kou would be fine with just a bath towel though.”
“It wouldn’t be embarrassing with swimsuits… Wait, Saigusa-san, did you just indirectly point out my flat chest?!”
Leaving Kud’s flat chest aside, enjoying the hot springs with everyone together like Haruka-san said might be fun.
“Is what he thought, but in fact he was imagining Komari-kun and Kudryavka-kun washing his body, going ‘haah haah this is Shangri-la!’ and all the meanwhile his nose bled on and on.”
“No, I’m not thinking that!! You don’t need to insert your own narration!”
“Wafuu~ I’m looking forward to washing together~ Rin-san, after we get in I’ll help wash your back.”
“I want to wash with Rin-chan too~”
“U, uuu…”
“Then let’s have a Rin-chan scrubbing clean party! Haruchin is starting to like being squeaky clean!”
It seems that Rin still gets embarrassed easily.

We arrived at the open air bath.
Masato immediately jumped in with a splash.
“Hold on, don’t go in before washing yourself.”
“Me too, hyahooo!”
Kengo also jumped in…
“Well, don’t make too much of a ruckus.”
Kyousuke alone sat himself in front of the faucet to wash his hair.
“Wah~ It’s so wide~”
I could hear Komari-san’s voice. It seemed that the men’s and women’s baths were separated only by a bamboo fence.
“I get lightheaded easily, so I’ll be at this lukewarm area…”
“Mio-chan, let’s have some naked time together too! Here here comingu comingu mai saido!”
“That proud expression of yours is awakening my killing intent.”
“Umu, anyway, it seems that our conversation is being overheard from the men’s bath.”
“Ah, yeah, we can hear you…”
Although it also feels really embarrassing from our side.
“Riki-kun, how’s the water?”
Komari-san started up a conversation.
“Ah, um, I haven’t gotten in yet…”
“It feels really nice~”
“I, I see…”
This is too difficult to do.
“Here, Kud-kou. It’s a bubbly sponge to use on Rin-chan!”
“Sankyuu, Saigusa-san. Now do a banzai, Rin-san. Washa washa start!”
Haruka-san and Kud’s voices could be heard.
“Uwaah!! I-I’m fine!! I can wash myself!!”
Rin seems to be having it tough.
“Then Rin-chan can wash Kuu-chan’s back~”
Well then, I’ll leave that side to Komari-san and the others and relax myself…

I unintentionally let out a loud sigh after submerging myself into the bath. Seeing me like that, Kyousuke chuckled.
“Wh-what? Was that weird?”
“No, it was just strange seeing you act like an old man.”
“Eeh… But everyone does that.”
“Maybe so,” Kyousuke said, though he continued to laugh.
“So, do you like it?”
“Yeah, this is really soothing.”
“I see. I’m glad you think so.”
Kyousuke washed his face with splashes of water.
“What is it? Kyousuke?”
“I was just thinking… you’ve grown too, huh?”
He chuckled again.
His gaze was directed at…
“Uwah, don’t look there!”
I submerged myself deeper into the water in a hurry.
And at the same moment.
“Uwaah, M-Mio-chan collapsed in the water with her nose bleeding!!”
Komari-san raised her voice.
That just now was probably a bulls-eye for Nishizono-san…
“All right, at times like this there’s only one thing we have to do!”
“Hm? What’s that?”
“I have a bad feeling about this…”
Kengo questioned Kyousuke’s words, while Masato made a suspicious face.
“We compare.”
“No no no, what the heck!!”
“It’s customary, isn’t it?”
“Eeeh, I don’t want to!”
I can totally picture Nishizono-san on the other side of the fence perking up her ears and listening!
“What, comparing muscles? I’m down with that. Hmph!”
Masato stood up and made a pose.
“Pretty big.”
“Hah, aren’t they? I’ve taken a liking to how they swell with power.”
“No, I mean below.”
“What, my abs?”
“You’re being thoroughly watched, Masato.”
Kyousuke gestured to Kurugaya-san, who was perched above the bamboo fence resting her elbows and peering down on us.
“Umu, I saw.”
“Uwaaah!! A, a peeping tom!!”
“It’s fine, isn’t it? Not like it’s gonna shrink or anything.”
“How vulgar, Kurugaya-san.”
Nishizono-san spoke up. It looks like she revived already.
“You’re one to talk, with traces of blood still under your nose…”
“So, how was it?”
“Rather than boing, it was more like… boooiing.”
“Don’t use lively sound effects to describe iiit!!”
“Don’t worry about it, Masato… It’s all right, at least she didn’t make fun of it. Come on, I’ll wash your back so cheer up.”
“Miyazawa-san x Inohara-san… Perhaps that could work…”
“Wipe off your nosebleed first, Mio-chin.”
…Nishizono-san appeared to be doing just swell.
“You guys.”
Kyousuke beckoned to us.
“What’s up?”
“…If they peeped at us, shouldn’t we return the favor?”
“Look, there’s a gap in the bamboo fence here. It’s like it’s just telling us to peep through it.”
“No, it’s probably best if you don’t…”
“It’s fine. This is a staple event for hot springs after all. Therefore, Riki.”
“Why me?”
“The other two don’t seem to be interested.”
“But I’m not interested either. You can just do it yourself, Kyousuke.”
“It should be normal for boys to be interested. I’m not really dying to see it that much.”
“You just majorly contradicted yourself there…”
…But he was probably telling the truth. Rather than wanting to see girls nude, Kyousuuke was likely acting on his earlier comment that this was a ‘staple event’.
“You’re at least a bit interested, right Riki? Come on, don’t lie, you’ll be happier that way.”
“You’re the one who suggested it, so you should do it.”
“I see, so you’ll only do it if I do.”
Uwah, I feel like I just dug my own grave… While I was still feeling regret, Kyousuke immediately peeped through the gap.
“Hm, you can’t see anything but the wall at this angle… Hm?”
He stopped moving. I don’t care, but Kyousuke was acting unsightly enough right now that if his female fans were to see him, they would surely feel deceived.
“What, can’t you only see the wall?”
“Don’t worry about it and come look.”
Kengo peered in.
His expression was dubious.
“What, what do you see?”
“Next, Masato.”
“Guess it can’t be helped…”
He reluctantly peered in.
His expression was also dubious… What did he see?
“Next, Riki.”
I peered in.
I saw a smiling Matsuyama Chiharu*. Somehow a photograph had been placed on the opposite side of the peeping hole…
“What was it?”
Kyousuke asked.
“W-well… A smiling Chiharu…”
“I see. Mine was a smiling Ueki Hitoshi*.”
“Aren’t you lucky? I got the ‘Sayonara, sayonara’ guy.”
Masato seemed jealous for some reason.
“By the way, his name is Yodogawa Nagaharu*.”
“Mine was Bruce Willis.”
Kengo looked proud for some reason.
“Hey, isn’t that a winner?!”
I don’t know what their standards are, but it seems that Masato and Kengo shared a similar system of values.
This completely lame trap was probably Kurugaya-san’s doing…

Scene 3

The next day, early morning.
Before everyone else woke up, I took a walk to the beach. A calming seashore. The only sounds around me were the distant cries of birds and the crashing of the waves.
Last night, we energetically played card games until late.
After that, it was love talk between four guys with Kyousuke as the leader.
I believe it was a field trip night full of “nothing but fun stuff” just like Kyousuke had said.
…I’ve been happy since then.
I don’t suddenly fall asleep anymore. I’m also no longer bothered by nightmares… And everyone is here.
It was almost too happy.
So that’s why I thought…
Maybe I’m still living within a dream.
I know it’s not true. But right now I’m so happy that, on the contrary, I’ve started to feel uneasy.
Perhaps I’ll suddenly wake up and everything will disappear.
Like that dream filled with so much happiness…
A voice made me turn around.
“You’re up pretty early.”
“Ah, yeah… you too, Kyousuke.”
“Yeah. Since you got up early, I thought we should talk a bit.”
“We’ve done nothing but fool around so far, after all.”
While saying that, Kyousuke sat down on the beach.
I sat next to him, stretching my legs.
“…How were things while I was gone?”
“It was all right, we managed somehow.”
“I see.”
“What is it?”
“Do you think that you’re still inside a dream?”
As I thought.
As I thought, Kyousuke could see through everything.
“Rest assured, it’s not like that. Today is today. Tomorrow will be tomorrow, and time will continue to flow.”
“And I’m right here.”
Kyousuke stood up.
“Come on.”
He then extended his hand to me.
“Eh? Hold on!”
I was pulled toward the water.
“Hahahah, there!!”
…The two of us plunged into the sea.
“Uwaah, it’s cold!”
It was fall right now, and early morning at that. There’s no way the water would be warm.
“Have you woken up?”
Kyousuke patted my head. I could feel the palm of his hand on my forehead.
…The doubts I had always been holding surely had the same roots.
…I started crying.
In fact, I had always been afraid. More than anything else, I was afraid of Kyousuke going away.
“There, there. You’ve always wanted to do that, right?”
As if something long accumulated had suddenly collapsed, my tears kept spilling out, again and again.
“It’s okay right now… Only right now is it okay for you to cry.”
“Only now…?”
“Yeah. Because you’ve become strong. You can’t keep crying.”
“If you do, I won’t be able to graduate in peace, right?”
“The Little Busters right now isn’t the Little Busters ‘I created’ anymore. It’s the one ‘you protected’.”
“I protected…?”
Kyousuke nodded.
“That’s why this is my final mission for you. Riki… from now on, continue to protect it. Protect my place to return.”
“Don’t make that face. You’re the one I deemed the leader of the new Little Busters. It wouldn’t be cool if the leader’s a crybaby, right?”
We laughed.
Together, we laughed.
“Oh, so they’re here after all.”
“Heya, what are you two doing over there~?”
We heard Masato’s and Haruka-san’s voices. Turning around, I saw that all the others were present as well.
“…What were you doing that made you so soaked?”
“Long story.”
Kyousuke got out of the water first.
Komari-san stared at my face.
“What is it?”
“Eheheh~ Riki-kun, good morning!”
She said with a smile across her face.
“Morning, Riki-kun!”
“Gudo morningu!”
“…Good morning.”
“Umu, it’s a good morning.”
One after the other.
“Heheh, morning, Riki.”
“Good morning, Riki.”
“…Riki, good morning.”
Everyone smiled.
If we continue like this, then the Little Busters will definitely never end.
…I won’t let it end.
“…Good morning, everyone.”

“…All right, dismissed for the day.”
“…Hey, earlier… Masato, was it? He’s been burnt black, is he okay?”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“But more importantly, did you have fun, Riki?”
“I did.”
“I see. Oh yeah, I forgot to say this earlier.”
“Eh, what?”

“From today on, you’re a Little Busters too!”

The end.                     

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  1. karikari

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    Thank you for the translations! I was looking for this so long so I even tried to translate it myself. Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you for translating this! I just bought the Perfect Visual artbook at store and was a little sad not knowing what happened in the scenes. Thank you!

  3. Opn

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    Thank you so much for translating it! I love how this confirmed who the true heroine is XD.

    • Lloyd

       /  March 18, 2013

      Kyousuke x Riki, definitely otp there. Assuming this is considered canon though, the true pairing seems ambiguous.

      Thanks for the translation! I’m still limited to around 75% understanding on my own.

  4. Hi Nonsense (or is it Urusu Kayami?). Thank you very much for the translation.

    And so, since I prefer to read stories offline rather than online, I made a PDF version of this here I hope you don’t mind :)

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  6. I like how part of this dialogue reminded me of a particular scene from Toradora.

  7. The download link is dead now, any way we can download the audio files now?

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